DeeStream’s Presale Sees a Surge in Interest from Tether USDt & Tezos Holders Amidst Bitcoin Halving Speculations

Justin Sun recently made some major transfers of Tether USDt tokens that gained much attention from the crypto community. On the other hand, Tezos has taken another stride in developing its DeFi ecosystem after having set up the DeFi Catalyst Accelerator in Singapore to attract and utilize the platform’s benefits of blockchain. 

In parallel, DeeStream, a new crypto project, is rising as a disruptive online streaming force. DeeStream promises to provide a one-of-a-kind investment opportunity that works on a revenue-sharing model and signals the possibility of reinvestment while innovating today’s content streaming environment.

Tether USDt: Justin Sun’s Whale Deposits Spark Debate

According to Lookonchain, Founder Justin Sun has recently transferred $196 million worth of Tether USDt tokens from Huobi to a Binance wallet address. This decision, made in three installments, has been an eyebrow-raiser in the crypto community. More so when you realize the massive amount of crypto Sun holds, well over $1 billion across different wallets. Sun’s actions came when Binance suspended USDC transactions on the Tron blockchain, raising suspicions of regulatory implications. 

While some view Sun’s moves as business as usual, there has been much speculation about his motives, particularly given his previous large-scale transactions, including acquiring 168,369 Ethereum tokens.  

Tezos: Advancing DeFi Ecosystem with DCA Launch

Tezos has dramatically advanced its DeFi ecosystem by introducing a DeFi Catalyst Accelerator (DCA) in Singapore. The six-week program targets startups planning to innovate by creating applications for DeFi on Tezos and its Etherlink Layer-2 rollup. In other words, Tezos and Etherlink are fast, secure, and low-fee solutions that ensure compatibility with Ethereum tools. The first DCA cohort will bring five teams working on DeFi challenges around stablecoin design and cross-border remissions. 

Teams will receive mentorship from the StableTech team, whereby they will be taught how to develop skills using the Tezos DeFi toolkit. The debut of DCA comes in the wake of heightened venture capitalist interest in DeFi, as marked by substantial funding rounds and increased investment horizons of players such as Galaxy Digital.

DeeStream: Disrupting Online Streaming with Decentralization

DeeStream is seen as a compelling alternative to those offered by the centralized platforms of Kick and Twitch, not only for content streamers but also for cryptocurrency investors. Still, the $0.06 price of the second-stage presale continues to make it a promising window for good returns for its early investors. This project’s commitment to utmost transparency and, of course, security inspires confidence. The confidence comes through the successful audit of the DeeStream content streaming platform and the measures put in place for token lockup. 

DeeStream’s revenue-sharing model makes it unique, as it provides a share of the fees generated on the platform to its presale participants. This will further help to strengthen community relations. DeeStream is set to emerge as a winner within the rapidly growing global live-streaming markets and form the future format of online entertainment through its innovative blockchain-based community-governed platform. This model not only incentivizes early investment but also fosters a sense of ownership and loyalty among users, enhancing the platform’s overall growth potential.

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here.

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